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News > TRA expert presents the deliverables of Lebanon’s 2010 adopted project during the AREGNET 2011 plenary meeting
TRA expert presents the deliverables of Lebanon’s 2010 adopted project during the AREGNET 2011 plenary meeting
July 14, 2011

Within the framework of AREGNET meeting that took place on July 6,7,2011 at the Bristol hotel in Beirut, Eng. Said Haidar, TRA Senior Quality of Service Management Expert, presented the deliverables of the project that was proposed by TRA Lebanon during the AREGNET plenary meeting in Sudan on June 23, 2010.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Lebanon prepared a detailed questionnaire about the current rules and methods adopted by various state members in the field of controlling and measuring the telecommunications Quality of Service (QoS) performance indicators, and the possible ways of handling the breaches of the quality of Service standards.

This questionnaire that was sent to the concerned departments in these countries to be filled-out aimed at:

a) Determining the current QoS and KPI's measurement policies and practices used in the countries member of Argenet.

b) Comparing these practices and applied policies with what was recommended in the 2006 general framework of Quality of Service, and identifying deficiencies that must be completed (if any)

c) Proposing an adequate update that should be applied on the 2006 framework based on the comparison analysis result and on the change in global best practices.

After having analyzed the information received from the various Arab countries that participated in this questionnaire, the TRA prepared a detailed report which consisted of two main parts, namely:

- A detailed study on how the current framework (Adopted in 2006) is applied by the participating countries,

- A draft of proposed necessary updates to the 2006 framework to include additional items and a proposed update on the QoS indicators and standards that should be applied to all kind of services currently adopted by the Arab countries markets.

To view the full presentation that was given by Eng. Said Haidar during AREGNET Plenary Meeting click here

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