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News > Dr. Imad Hoballah assumes the presidency of AREGNET
Dr. Imad Hoballah assumes the presidency of AREGNET
July 06, 2011

The TRA hosted today the 8th AREGNET Plenary meeting that entailed the Presidency handover from the National Communications Authority in Sudan to the TRA of Lebanon. This meeting started this morning with the Presidency handover and will be followed by a workshop on July 7th.

The Arab and Regulators Network of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (AREGNET) is an independent organization that was founded in 2003 and is composed of 21 members. AREGNET aims at offering a platform where members can exchange ideas and experiences, coordinate in view of accomplishing the homogeneity in the practice of regulations and encourage the modernization of telecommunications networks and services. The AREGNET annual plenary meeting is an opportunity for members to review the Network’s commitments and update their expertise vis-à-vis future challenges.

This year’s AREGNET’s presidency, represented by the TRA Chairman and CEO, Dr. Imad Hoballah, will help the country reclaim a regional role in the field of telecommunications and electronic communications.

The Plenary meeting’s objectives are:
  • Transferring the AREGNET presidency from Sudan to Lebanon
  • Presenting the outcome of previous year’s projects
  • Discussing future projects
The Plenary meeting was attended by the Authority heads and officials from 21 Arab countries. The opening ceremony included speeches by the National Communications Authority General Director Mr. Azzedine Amin, the AREGNET General Secretary, Dr. Mohamad Tawfik Basii, and the Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Lebanon, Dr. Imad Hoballah.

Mr. Azzedine Amine started his speech by welcoming the attendees and reminded them about AREGNET’s objectives. He also delved into the recommendations adopted at the 7th meeting of the Network, which was held in Khartoum last year and the projects that have been worked on lately. He stressed on the need to strengthen the performance of the Network’s plans, strategies and consolidate the cooperation between its members.

Mr. Azzedine concluded his speech by thanking the Lebanese government and the TRA for hosting the meeting and the Presidency of the Network and wished Lebanon continued success in the course of the AREGNET’s presidency.

Dr. Mohammad Amine Bassii expressed his contentment for having this meeting hosted in Lebanon and his appreciation towards the TRA as well as his confidence in the Lebanese Autority’s ability to take over AREGNET’s presidency. He also thanked the Lebanese government for its efforts for the success of this meeting and for its generosity and hospitality.

Dr. Bassii announced the finalization of the AREGNET strategic plan as planned and mentioned that it will submitted to all members for discussion during the meeting. He also expressed his wish for an enhanced cooperation between members to take the Network to a higher level and achieve the desired objectives, knowing that the AREGNET’s achievements till date predict a better future.

Dr. Imad Hoballah welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their trust and confidence in the TRA to ensure the presidency of the AREGNET for the upcoming year and acknowledged the crucial work of this group and its role in coping with the digital revolution and face all the challenges emerging at this level, be it legislative, technical, social, or related to security.

Dr. Hoballah also stressed on the need to work hard to develop the sector by strengthening the capacity of local Authorities, enhance their proactive interaction, and deepen the cooperation and exchange of experiences among all Arab organizations. He also emphasized the need for the TRA of Lebanon to overcome all difficulties and work forward on the development of the telecommunications sector in close cooperation with H.E Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui.

He concluded his speech by saying: "I wish great success to this meeting as well as the projects and studies that will be proposed, adopted and implemented and especially Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Convergence, the eradication of the digital illiteracy and the raise of the digital and electronic knowledge while ensuring consumer and children online protection.” In addition, he mentioned crucial projects such as the elaboration of a common infrastructure for State members as well as the establishment of a common ICT Arab market and the empowerment of research and innovation in the areas of Arabic applications and digital content.

Following the opening of the conference, the participants shared the results on the different projects undertaken in the past year, notably:

- Neutrality of technologies and services
- Consumer protection among Arab countries
- Workshop to respond to computers' emergency
- Key performance indicators of telecom project
- Regulatory Framework for the Arab States
- Sharing of experiences on the Quality of Service Indicators

The participants also discussed other topics including projects that are still in the works and the launch of new ones, the agenda for the coming year and the preparation of the 11th Global Symposium for Regulators.

At the end of the conference, the heads of the different regulatory bodies discussed regulatory topics and looked for ways to keep the Network active within regional and international forums.

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