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Type Approval Regulation
The Type Approval Regulation was issued in the Official Gazette (Issue 17, date 16/04/2009) through Decision 5/2009 further to the analysis of the public consultation feedback. According to Decision 10/2009 which postpones the implementation of this Regulation, the new Type Approval regime will be applied in Lebanon starting the 28th of September 2009.  However, the Type Approval implementation date is under examination by the TRA and will be communicated soon.

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Here are some of the Type Approval Regulation basics:
  1. All importers of RTTE / Network Infrastructure Equipment into Lebanon and manufacturers of RTTE/Network Infrastructure Equipment based in Lebanon must hold a current telecommunications Import/Manufacture Licence for the Class of RTTE / Network Infrastructure Equipment, which they intend to import or manufacture. Classes of RTTE are defined in the Type Approval Regulation document (Annex A). Click here for a complete list of equipment classes.

  2. Type Approval for RTTE shall only be granted to companies registered in Lebanon and who hold an appropriate import or manufacture license. Only companies recorded in the commercial register in Lebanon are permitted to hold an Import/Manufacture License.

  3. The Applicants shall duly pay all the appropriate fees by the time of the submission of their applications. Click here for a list for Importation / Type Approval applicable fees.

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