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Telecommunications Technologies Unit
The Telecommunications technologies unit (TTU) deals with all technological matters related to technical resources, telecommunication equipment and supplies. Its duties include radio frequency spectrum and numbering management as well as ensuring the proper technical implementation of interconnection agreements. In addition, it plays a monitoring role regarding quality of service and rights of easement on properties owned by the state and the municipalities. By closely monitoring the latest developments in technology and by setting standards, it ensures the existence of a modern and developed telecommunications market.

“We deal with technology in general, making sure that we assign spectra efficiently and to the maximum benefit of the country. We also deal with all elements of new technologies, defining new services, again which serve the public and consumers and put us ahead of the curve in the economy. On the level of standards, we ensure they are understood clearly and we work to protect issues related to the health, safety and security of the country as a whole."

Imad Hoballah, board member, head of the TTU

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