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Broadband Licensing Plan and Broadband Network Requirements
The Broadband Licensing Plan document issued for public consultation sets out the broadband licensing plan of the TRA. The Authority is adopting this plan pursuant to its duties and powers under Telecommunications Law No. 431 of 2002 (the Telecommunications Law), including in particular Articles 5, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 45 and 48.

Pursuant to this broadband licensing plan, the Authority intends to issue service provider and frequency licenses with a view to establishing across Lebanon – in the cities, towns and rural areas – widespread coverage by competing high-speed access networks connected to the global Internet and interconnected domestically and abroad by high-speed, carrier-class metro and core networks and international gateways. The TRA is convinced that the state of the current market in high-speed data, Internet and international services needs radical improvements in terms of investment in high-capacity networks and introduction of new services that are available in a large number of other countries but not in Lebanon.

The Authority’s broadband licensing plan represents a comprehensive strategy for the development of broadband networks that is intended to balance carefully the interests of the state-owned and private sector incumbents, potential new entrants, existing customer investments, and the overwhelming need for improvements in infrastructure and service offerings, all within the framework dictated by the Telecommunications Law and economic and other constraints.

The Broadband Network Requirements document sets out the network requirements that will be applicable to licensees under the broadband licensing plan of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lebanon (the Authority). Reference is made to the Broadband Licensing Plan and the other documents referenced therein and the terms defined in Telecommunications Law No. 431 of 2002 (the Telecommunications Law) or the decrees, regulations and decisions interpreting or implementing the same will have the same meaning when used in this document even though not capitalized herein.

The Broadband Network Requirements document has two primary purposes:
  1. To elaborate the network and service related conditions of the licenses, which will, to the extent possible, be technology neutral, in accordance with the Authority’s policy of allowing licensees to build their networks using the technology of their choice. The broadband network and service description and standards detailed in this document are based on best industry practices and standards for ensuring interoperability and quality of service, and in particular those espoused by the Broadband Forum, ITU and WiMAX Forum.

  2. To specify the information that applicants must submit as part of their license applications about their proposed networks, services and operations. This information will be required:
    • to ensure that applicants are suitably qualified to hold the applicable licenses;
    • to ensure that planned networks comply with all requirements set forth in this document, the applicable license and any other applicable law, decree, regulation or decision;
    • to provide the Authority with information necessary to monitor the fulfilment of such obligations;
    • to allow the Authority as a general matter to remain fully up to date regarding the planned and installed network infrastructure in Lebanon in order to carry out its regulatory responsibilities.
The Broadband Licensing Plan and the Broadband Network Requirements are now launched for consultation. Interested parties are kindly requested to submit their feedback before the 15th of June, 2009 after having reviewed the following documents: The feedback can be submitted by email at or by courier (hard and soft copy) at the TRA, Marfaa 200 Building Second Floor, Beirut Central District along with Cover Sheet for response to a TRA Consultation.

The final version of these documents will be published in both Arabic and English after the closing of the consultation.
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