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Interconnection Regulation
The TRA is legally mandated to establish interconnection rules and review interconnection contracts upon request of 1 or more Service Providers or at its own initiative.  Article 29 or the telecommunications law 431 clearly mentions that Service Providers with Significant Market Power shall establish interconnection with other Service Providers and that Service Providers are obliged to negotiate interconnection with other Service Providers whenever requested within a specific period set by the TRA.

The interconnection regulation sets Guidelines intended to guide Service Providers in the preparation of a Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO).  The RIO will serve as the basis for the negotiation and execution of interconnection agreements between Service Providers.  It aims at encouraging good practice by service providers and to promote the provision of high quality of service to users, through technical and economic efficiency while expected to reduce the scope and occurrence of interconnection disputes.

The Interconnection Regulation was launched for public consultation and interested parties submitted their feedback by the closing date after having reviewed the integral version of the concerned document.

The feedback was submitted by email at and by courier (hard and soft copy) to the TRA’s address.

To view the Regulation that will be issued and published soon, click here.
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