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Regulations > Rights of Way Draft Decree (based on the Study on Use of Public Properties)
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Rights of Way Draft Decree (based on the Study on Use of Public Properties)
The “Use of Public Properties” study was issued for public consultation in February 2009 with a deadline to consult by March 2009. After having thoroughly taken into consideration feedback from related government departments such as the Water entities, the Council of Development and Construction and the Electricity of Lebanon, the TRA Board Members approved the Use of Public Properties study on February 7th, 2011.

The study provides the basis and rational for the decree stipulated in article 35 (3) of Telecommunications Law 431/2002 and covers the following:
  • The possible built-out scenarios of new networks and the likely public properties as to be used
  • A legal analysis on the issues that must be addressed in the decree such as the use of public properties, digging up public roads, blocking or disrupting traffic and charges for the use of public rights of way.
  • Charging principles for access of public properties

This study is the basis for the Rights of Way draft decree that was sent to the Minister of Telecommunications in April 2012 and will become binding further to the Council of Ministers review and issuance.

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To view the “Rights of Way” draft decree in its final version click here

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