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Regulations > Spectrum Management and licensing Draft Regulation
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Spectrum Management and licensing Draft Regulation

The “Spectrum Management and Licensing Draft Regulation” was issued for public consultation in July 27, 2008 with a deadline to consult by September 7, 2008. After having thoroughly taken in consideration stakeholders’ feedback, TRA Board Members approved the Spectrum Management and Licensing Draft Regulation on April 27, 2009. This Draft Regulation will become binding further to the State of Council’s review and once published in the Official Gazette.

The “Spectrum Management and Draft Licensing Regulation” is designed to provide potential and current stakeholders in the sector with clear and concise explanations of the Authority’s actions relating to the management and licensing of the Radio Frequency Spectrum.

The Authority wishes to establish a fair, effective, transparent and speedy procedure for the licensing of Radio Frequencies to Service Providers, for the allocation of Radio Frequencies for various Governmental uses, and for other purposes.

In preparing this Draft Regulation the Authority had regard to international best practices for the management and licensing of Radio Frequency Spectrum, as well as the Lebanese Constitution, general principles of law and other applicable laws and regulations.

This Draft Regulation applies to all users of Radio Frequency Spectrum in Lebanon which may include the following categories:

  1. Use of Radio Frequencies in connection with the provision of Telecommunications Services;
  2. Use of Radio Frequencies in connection with a license for radio or TV broadcasting issued under Law 382 of 1994;
  3. For Satellite Communication;
  4. For Professional Mobile Radio (PMR);
  5. A Fixed Point-to-Point Frequency License;
  6. Aeronautical Radio Equipment License;
  7. Maritime Radio Equipment License;
  8. Military and other Government agencies;
  9. Media and Public Events License;
  10. A Radio Experiment License;
  11. An Amateur Radio or Citizen’s Band License; or
  12. Any other category the Authority considers appropriate.

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