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Technical Specs and Test Reports
Are you evaluating compliance with EMC and Safety standards as part of the Type Approval procedure or are these aspects evaluated by another regulatory body?

Is there any local testing of the devices necessary? If local testing is not necessary, does the customer need to provide a test report? If test report necessary, which test report is accepted? (CE report or FCC, etc..)

How many test samples are needed?

In theTRATS013 Requirements for Non-Specific Short Range Devices: “the following table lists the frequency ranges available for the non specific SRD applications using the UWB technology: 3155 - 3400 kHz - Inductive application - 13.5 dBµA/m at 10m In case of external antennas only loop coil antennas could be employed." Can a keyless entry system (opening and be used at 315MHz?

Do RFID products using UHF (860-960MHz) and HF (13.56MHz) frequency ranges need to be type approved? What are the allowed RFID frequencies in Lebanon?

Are the following bands permitted in Lebanon?
  1. 2.402 -2.472GHz,
  2. 2.457 -2.482GHz,
  3. 2.474 -2.494GHz,
  4. 4.91 -5.09GHz,
  5. 5.16 -5.24GHz,
  6. 5.15 -5.25GHz,
  7. 5.25 -5.35GHz,
  8. 5.470-5.725GHz,
  9. 5.725-5.815GHz,
  10. 5.815-5.835GHz
  11. 13.56MHz (RFID – very low power)

What is the frequency availability and certification procedure for low power short-range devices (inductive applications) in Lebanon and more specifically hearing instruments with integrated wireless functionality at 10.6 MHz?
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