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Can the TRA labels be self-produced by the manufacturer or local distributor of the product according to the instructions given in the Type Approval regulation page 20 or are they exclusively obtained from the TRA and what would be the cost?

How will the future label look like?

Does the label have to be imperatively visible? In the case where equipment (for example immobilizer system, transmitter and receiver for remote keyless entry systems) are fitted as original equipment and mounted inside the vehicle Can a local importer buy the labels, send it to the manufacturer abroad who then sticks the label on the equipment, then send it to the Car manufacturer who mounts it on the vehicle? The label won't be visible. Can the local importer buy the label and stick it directly on the vehicle?

Radio products installed in vehicles need to be Type Approved. The products are intended to lock/unlock doors of vehicles. They are very small equipments (keys for a vehicle). Is there a way to place the label in the owner's manual instead of the equipment?

Has the importer/manufacturer licence number already been indicated on the Type Approval Label at the time of issuance by TRA? OR should the importer/manufacturer licence number be indicated by importer/manufacturer later? And how can a Class-0 Type Approval Label be purchased?

Should the label be affixed before through Custom in Lebanon?

Can an importer/manufacturer keep on applying for labels application even after having obtained the certificate?

How long would it take to issue certificate and labels from accepting per application?

What is the minimum number of labels to be purchased?

What are the label requirements for radio equipment in Lebanon:

- Size and location of the label on the equipment
- Eventual indication of label in the user’s manual (if equipment is too small)

In order to make it easier for us, please send us a label sample.
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