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Kick-off/Transition and Type Approval Process
Did the TRA take over Type Approval requests or do they still need to be sent to the Ministry of Telecommunications? According to the Type Approval Regulation, the transition period ends on December 31, 2009; is the transition period extended?

In case the new regime in not implemented yet, what would be the status of licenses provided by the MoT when the TRA takes over?

What are the next steps after having filled the Type Approval applications? Where filled applications should be presented or registered?

What are the items (information, documentation, test reports etc) required for the approval application? Is the Regulatory Type Approval connected with the importation process in any way (e.g. must each shipment includes a copy of the Approval Certificate or other proof of Type Approval prior to import?)

Is a license* required besides the Type Approval for the distribution of radio devices installed in vehicles?

*individual license, class license, frequency license, etc…

The new regulation mentions in Chapter 9 Article 42 '' During the transition period, starting from July 01 2009 and ending on Dec 31, 2009''. Is the transition period applicable to import license and Type Approval certificate or only for import license? What about exiting Type Approval issued by The Ministry of Telecommunications?

What is the transition phase (when did it begin and when does it end)?

The old Importation License granted by the MoT will be automatically transferred to the new regime by only providing the TRA with the required papers.

What are the required papers and steps?
  • Local Representative (“Importer”)?
  • Registration of Importer or Manufacturer for RTTE Class 2?
  • Application form for Type Approval Scheme 2?
  • Type Approval fees for Scheme 2?

According to the new regulation, Is it possible for an independent agent to obtain Type Approvals or is it mandatory for the approval to be in the name of the local importer?

Is a Local rep. with a Class 2 import license allowed to import Class 2 devices for different manufacturers?
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