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Equipment Requiring Approval
According to the Type Approval Regulation, Ethernet and fiber optics interfaces do not require approval as they do not connect DIRECTLY to the PSTN. The concern is about equipment with Ethernet ports which can be used as terminal equipment in public networks where Ethernet is used as the interface between the access network and the terminal equipment. Does the TRA require any particular test report or even testing of the Ethernet port for this case? If so, what are the applicable standards?

Does an RF receiver need a separate approval or can it be certified together with the associated RF transmitter?

How to certify an 802.11 WLAN product operating in 2.4 GHz band in Lebanon?
  1. The product does not connect to the PSTN, and will be used only on the customer premises. Does it require a local representative with valid importers license to sell this product?

  2. The product comes with its own international power supply. Can the product be shipped with it knowing that it comes with international safety approvals?

  3. What class will the product be classified under? Would be Class 2 or Class 3?

A laptop to be introduced into the Lebanese market includes a device (e.g. WIFI-card) which sends electromagnetic waves. Does the product need a certification for the device (WIFI-card) or is a certification for the whole product (the laptop) sufficient? If there is a need for a device certification, is an additional testing of this device necessary for the validation of the whole product?

Are RECEIVERS subject to Type Approval under the new scheme and particularly:
  • Remote Key Entry System (Receiver) in 433MHz
    The device is a fixed installation inside vehicles, used together with Remote Key carried by the driver
  • Standalone GPS Receiver on L1-Band (1575.42 MHz)
    The device is a fixed installation inside vehicles, used together with Car Navigation Systems.

Is it possible to apply to a Family Approval (approving 1 original product as well as family products) in the case where for example a “Car Navigation System with Bluetooth module” has 4 family models and there will be no difference in the RF characteristics but with the software only?

Is a special license for Encryption services and products needed?

We understand that only DoC is needed to be prepared for class 0 RTTE (such as Bluetooth) instead of receiving TA certificate from TRA, which is shown in the Figure 2: Overall RTTE Type Approval Process in Type Approval Regulation. For this case, we understand that local Importer can receive labels of requested number also after preparing DoC. Is our understanding correct?
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