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About 2.6 GHZ band
Is the 2.5 - 2.69 GHz band available so far in your country for the mobile Internet and/or Broadband wireless service?

Will you issue a Public Consultation on the allocation of the 2.5 - 2.69 GHz band and for new Broadband wireless services?

Is an approach based on market demand for technology sharing between FDD (Frequency Division Duplex ") and TDD (Time Division Duplex") of the 2.5 - 2.69 GHz band considered? Is it possible that more than 50 MHz (corresponding to the central part of the allocation CEPT) be feasible for TDD?

Are Neutrality Services considered in the 2.5 - 2.69 GHz band?

If there are difficulties to liberate all the 2.5-2.69 GHz band, are there any plans to release at least 50 MHz of the central part TDD, in reference to the allocation of the band by CEPT (70 MHz FDD / TDD 50 MHz / 70 MHz FDD)?
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