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News > Clarification by the Authority regarding the 2 decisions issued by State Council
Clarification by the Authority regarding the 2 decisions issued by State Council
July 17, 2009

Further to the State of Council decisions regarding the mobile numbering, the Authority would like to clarify the following:
  1. The decision regarding the allocation of the 71 code to MIC2 / MTC touch, and the 72 code to MIC1 / Alfa (which allows the provision of one million numbers for each of the two companies, rather than half a million each) is the outcome of many deliberations with all concerned parties and a response to the market needs and the anticipated expansion of the two networks involved. This decision is also a way to avoid the possible emergence of a black market.

  2. Despite the ability of the two companies and the Ministry of telecommunication to implement the above-mentioned decisions in response to the market needs within a reasonable timeframe that does not affect the market (mid of February 09), it has not been implemented as expected by the Ministry of telecommunications, the owners supervisory board and the operators, in application of the Telecommunications Law 431/2002 that clearly gives this prerogative to the TRA. Instead, the Ministry of telecommunications appealed and asked for a halt to the implementation of the decision before the State Council.

  3. The decision of the State of Council, No. 237/2008-2009, refusing the ceasing of the implementation of the decision No. 1 / 2009 confirmed the continuity of the TRA decision and the enforcement of its implementation. This confirms again the prerogatives given by law to the TRA further to the appointment of its Board Members and the commencement of the work in accordance with the internal procedure of the Authority.

  4. In light of this, and given the needs of the growing market and due to the touristic season, and in view of the capacity of the Owners Supervisory Board (OSB) and Operators to implement the decisions within a reasonable timeframe, the TRA sent a warning letter to MIC1 / Alfa requesting the implementation of decision 1 / 2009 as soon as possible, in coordination with the OSB, and the withdrawal of any decision taken regarding the distribution of numbers that are not allocated to this company, in order to avoid the potential emergence of a black market as a result of the delay in implementation.

  5. In application to the Council of state decision No. 238 /2008-2009 that ceased the implementation of the TRA decision No. 2/2009, the TRA confirms its commitments to complete the necessary legal measures.
Finally, the TRA, in the objective of protecting citizens and consumers’ interest, draws the attention of all concerned parties that any additional delay in the implementation of decision No. 1/2009 might have a negative impact on the market during the touristic season, and may lead to the emergence of a potential black market that the TRA have been trying to avoid from the beginning. The TRA will hold responsible both concerned companies and will warn all concerned parties if any delay occurs.

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