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Information and Consumer Affairs Unit
The Information and consumer affairs unit (ICAU) oversees all information matters with the aim of increasing public awareness and protecting consumer interests while promoting transparency. In addition to responding to enquires about the TRA’s activities, it is responsible for organizing forums and lectures, disseminating reports and literature, and managing the TRA’s websites. In its role as the main link between consumers and the TRA, it prepares consumer statistics, questionnaires, reports and analyses, as well as dealing with complaints concerning disputes between service providers and subscribers.

 “I believe the first image of the TRA is built internally. The ICAU works in this direction to build an internal culture of openness based on shared objectives and the teamwork. At the same time, the unit plays a critical role in external communications with the media to ensure the Authority's aims and principles are communicated successfully. We also work with other partners in the protection of consumer affairs fields, all while building bridges with other global institutions to benefit from their experience. All of this is makes the ICAU the beating heart of the Authority and fosters its continual spirit of transparency and openness."

Mahassen Ajam, board member, head of the ICAU

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