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Licensing Regulation

The TRA is legally mandated to set a clear operations framework for telecom Service Providers and optimize the market structure through fair and transparent regulations aligned with international best practices.

The Licensing Regulation includes clarifications related to the Authority’s actions in regard to licensing Service Providers and the treatment of their licenses. This document details the types and classification of licenses to be granted by the TRA. It also reviews the conditions under which each license will be delivered as well as their issuing process.

The types of licenses used for various telecommunications services can be described as follows:

  Restricted licenses
  1. National Broadband Licenses
  2. Broadband Access Licenses with spectrum
  3. Mobile Licenses
  4. Any other license including an Article 19(1) service, i.e., basic telephony, international telephone or mobile (including UMTS)
  5. Any other service license bundled with scarce spectrum (e.g., any license including frequencies for terrestrial broadcasting)
  None at this time

  Individual licenses
  1. Broadband Access Licenses without spectrum
  2. MVNOs and FVNOs
  3. Public Access Mobile Radio
  4. Pagers
  5. Satellite telephony provider
  6. Fixed Satellite Earth Station (send/receive)
  7. VSAT

  Class licenses
  1. ISP
  2. Value Added Services
  3. Resale of any services
  4. Wireless zone Internet access
  5. Satellite telephony user
  6. Wireless fixed closed user group license
  7. Private mobile radio
  8. Citizens band radio
  9. Amateur frequency license
  10. Maritime, distress, public safety, radio navigation frequency license
  11. Low power wireless networks
  12. Satellite News Gathering (SNG)
  13. Fixed Earth Station (receive only) 

The Licensing Regulation also encompasses and tackles crucial issues such as:

  • The application for Licenses
  • The validity period of each type of license
  • The conditions applicable in Licenses
  • The amendment of Licenses
  • The Revocation, Suspension and Termination of Licenses
  • The renewal of Licenses

The Licensing Regulation defines a broader scope for each type of license. It also provides Service Providers with a customized framework that adapts to their needs. Once issued in the Official Gazette, this Regulation will enter into effect and will then ensure a better market structure and a clearer framework for Service Providers.

The Licensing Regulation is now launched for consultation. Interested parties are kindly requested to submit their feedback before the 30th of June, 2008* after having reviewed the following documents:

The feedback can be submitted by email at or by courier (hard and soft copy) at the TRA, Marfaa 200 Building Second Floor, Beirut Central District along with the Cover Sheet for response to a TRA Consultation.

The final version of the Regulation will be published in Arabic and English after the end of the Consultation.

*The Licensing Regulation consultation closing date has been extended from 31st May 2008 to 30th June 2008 further to stakeholders request.

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