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Lebanese National Frequency Allocation Table (LNFT)

Spectrum is a scarce resource. The TRA’s mission is to harmonize spectrum use with international developments and stimulate technological innovation and competitiveness. The Authority is responsible for the effective management of radio spectrum taking into consideration market, government and private sector’s needs. To that end, experts at the TRA have issued, the first Lebanese National Frequency Allocation Table LNFT that allocates Lebanon’s radiofrequency spectrum into a number of frequency bands relevant to ITU regulations and specifies the general purposes for which the bands may be used. This process is referred to as the allocation of frequency bands to radiocommunication services.

The LNFT is an essential and transparent document that exhaustively details frequency allocation schemes in Lebanon. Its publication is a major milestone in the efficient use of spectrum and will help lead to many benefits such as interference reduction. The LNFT will be updated from time to time dependant on international initiatives and national decisions.

The LNFT was launched for public consultation and interested parties submitted their feedback by the closing date after having reviewed the integral version of the concerned document.

The feedback was submitted by email at and by courier (hard and soft copy) to the TRA’s address.

The LNFT has now been issued as an official document in Arabic and English. To view the official LNFT click here.
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