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Cybersecurity News > Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond
Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond
January 07, 2015

As part of its agreement with TrendMicro and with a view to facilitate sharing of relevant cybersecurity material, ITU is distributing the Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 report prepared by Trend Micro.

This report provides predictions for future years in terms of cyber threats in order to emphasize the importance of cybersecurity and global cooperation between all stake-holders.

According to the report, Cyber threats may focus on bigger targets rather than individuals for bigger gains:
  • Individuals and organizations should assume that all data revealed online could be accessed illegally. With this assumption, data revealed online should be limited to relevant ones and the application of security settings and use of cybersafe practices should be promoted.

  • Awareness of threats is a must and so are ever-ready mitigation and remediation plans because no one is safe from compromise.

  • As mobile infection will extend from installing malicious apps or visiting malicious websites to vulnerability exploitation in the devices, mobile device manufacturers and service providers should work more closely with one another to come up with scalable vulnerability-patching solutions to prevent infection and data theft.

  • Better security analytics will become crucial to combat targeted attacks. Organizations should know what is normal for them and set this as a baseline when monitoring for threats.

  • New threats specifically targeting mobile payment methods will emerge. Safe practices relating to near field communication (NFC) should be adopted by users and organizations that accept mobile payment should invest in relevant security solutions.

  • With mass smartification through the expansion of the Internet of things and hyper-connectivity, cyberthreats can now target a wider attack base. It is thus vital that manufacturers of smart appliances have built in and tested security features.
Also, the report provides an essential insight into the near future as well as valuable assistance, both at the individual user level and at the business level, to investigate further and adopt safe practices, while advocating investment in relevant security analytics and technology.

To consult the full report, please visit the ITU web link:
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